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23 janv.

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Studies and where they lead

What careers can one pursue with a licence' in mechanics?
What jobs can one do after studying maths?
What companies can one work for after studying biology?

These questions relate to a field or discipline. Career outcomes cover the spectrum of business sectors and professions that a type of course gives access to
There are many students who apply to university based on an affinity for a field or discipline.

For each  DISCIPLINARY FIELD you will find at the SCUIO/E4 a file that lists the jobs and business sectors relevant to the discipline.

    To find out about courses on offer at Université Paul Sabatier, you will find a series of documentary files containing:

Infosheets on each qualificationSyllabipost-graduation employment surveys

Science studies and where they lead at the Université Paul Sabatier

There are publications available to you about the disciplines taught at UPS and where they can lead professionally.
For each disciplinary field taught at UPS we present the discipline and the business sector you can work in afterwards and examples of related professions.
The typical disciplinary path is presented from licence' to master'. But there are other possible paths to follow.
Finally, you will also find a bibliography.

Last updated April 4, 2012

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