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27 janv.

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Organising studies

Following a recommendation from a SIMPPS (university medical service) doctor, you can request a part-time study schedule.
At your request, the Disability Resource Centre (Cellule Handicap) can:

· set up meetings with your teachers or the academic team running your courses to discuss specific aspects of registration and plan solutions for any issues that might arise

· organise tutorial support: this includes personal support from a teacher, with academic guidance most often provided by doctoral students

· set up technical support measures (reading - document searches - note taking - photocopies - etc.).

Course and document photocopies are free for students with a disability.

In tandem with the specialised facilities at Ramonville, the DVE (Department of Student Life) can on request provide
transcription services for visually impaired students.

(Course documents and exam topics)

Sign language interpreters (LSF - French Sign Language) can be provided (lectures - seminars - workshops)

If necessary, we can help you make contact with the career and academic advisory service (counsellors).

Exams and mid-terms

Regulations (Circular of 26 December 2006 from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research) allow for the possible need for time extensions, the help of an amanuensis, the use of equipment (Braille machine, typewriter, personal computer), Braille submissions and other adjustments:  the involvement, for instance, of communication experts used by the hearing-impaired (sign language, cued speech).

We would like to remind you that you must make your written submission to the University President AT TIME OF REGISTRATION. Following a medical examination, the SIMPPS (Preventive Medicine) doctor will inform the University President of the special measures to be taken on your behalf.


Last updated October 3, 2011

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