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17 oct.

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A new ministerial decree on the conditions for registration for competitive 'agrégation' examinations was recently issued by the ministry on 28 May 2010.

From now on, students with an M1 have the option of sitting the 'agrégation' examinations, as long as they have passed an M2 before the examination results are announced.

The Université Paul Sabatier is currently in the process of adapting its preparatory courses for the agrégation' examinations to take this new decree into account. For further information, please contact the course tutors for 'agrégation' preparatory courses listed below:

In the meantime, we advise students with an M1 (or M2) who intend to sit the 'agrégation' examinations to register on the ministerial website between 1 June and 13 July 2010.

Preparation for Agrégation:

 - Preparation for Mathematics agrégation'

>> E.Lombardi:

>> S.Gadat:

 - Preparation for EPS (Physical Education) agrégation'

- Preparation for the Physical Sciences, Physics option agrégation'

>>Michel Rieutord:

- Preparation for the Physical Sciences, Chemistry option agrégation'

  >> Notice:  .pdf

  >> Michèle BROST:


New Master' providing access to preparation for the Physical Sciences agrégation'

- M2 SPC: Sciences Physiques et Chimiques (Physical and Chemical Sciences)

>> Notice: .pdf

>> Application form:  .doc

>> Syllabus.pdf


According to the new legislation in effect, from the beginning of the 2010/2011 academic year students will need a Master 1 to register for a CAPES, CAFEP, CAPEPS, CAPET or CAPLP. These qualifications will be prepared for as part of the Master 2, the written examinations taking place during the month of November in the Master 2 academic year.

The full masters syllabi will be online from the beginning of May 2010 at the latest. Teaching will be given in partnership with UT2-IUFM. Students will have to apply by following the procedures detailed below. Once their application has been accepted, students will have to complete a single registration, at the Université Paul Sabatier.

The deadline for pre-registration has been postponed until 26 June 2010

For SVT, the deadline for pre-registration is: 4 June 2010

In addition to pre-registration for a Master 2 or a course offering no qualification, students who wish to sit the 2011 examination session must register for it on the website between 1 June and 13 July 2010.


New Masters' to prepare for the CAPES, CAPEPS, CAPET and CAPLP:

- M1  for Teaching and Engineering (Mathematics CAPES)
- M2 Pro Mathematics and Teaching  (Mathematics CAPES)
- Course offering no qualification: Preparation for a Mathematics CAPES

    >> Notice (M1, M2, FND): .pdf
    >> Application form (M1, M2, FND): .doc   .pdf

M1 PCE - Physics Chemistry Teaching (Physics/Chemistry CAPES)
- M2 PCE Physics-Chemistry-Teaching  (Physics/Chemistry CAPES)
- Course offering no qualification: Physics/Chemistry CAPES preparation
    >> Notice (M1, M2, FND): .pdf
    >> Application form (M1,M2, FND): .doc   .pdf
    >> Syllabus (as an indication only):  .pdf   .pdf

- M1 Ecology- SVT (Life and Earth Sciences) and Teaching route (CAPES in SVT)

- M2 ProSVT and Teaching (CAPES in SVT)
- Course offering no qualification: Preparation for an SVT (Life and Earth Sciences) CAPES
    >> Notice (M1, M2, FND): .pdf
    >> Application form (M1, M2, FND): .doc   .pdf

M1 and M2 Pro Physics-Chemistry, Mathematics Physics-Chemistry Teaching route  (CAPLP Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry)
- Course offering no qualification: Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry CAPLP preparation
   >> Notice (M1, M2, FND): .pdf
    >> Application form (M1, M2, FND): .doc   .pdf
    >> Syllabus (as an indication only):   .pdf

- M1 Sports and Human Movement Sciences, PE Teaching route
- M2 Pro Physical Education Teaching (CAPEPS)
    >> Notice (M1, M2, FND): .pdf
    >> Application form (M1, M2, FND): .doc   .pdf

- M1 and M2 Pro STI and Teaching (CAPET Technology, the CAPLP GM (Génie Mécanique - Mechanical Engineering) options Construction, Industrial Robotics, Automobile Maintenance (MVA - Maintenance des Véhicules Automobiles) and Maintenance of Automated Mechanical Systems (MSMA - Maintenance des Systèmes Mécaniques Automatisés), the CAPLP GE (Génie Electrique - Electrical Engineering) options Electrotechnics-Energy and Electronics and the CAPLP Génie Civil option Equipements Techniques - Energie (GC - ETE - Civil Engineering option Technical & Energy Equipment).
- Course offering no qualification: CAPET and CAPLP preparation
    >> Notice (M1, M2, FND): .pdf
    >> Application form (M1, M2, FND):


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