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20 janv.

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Registration for the 3rd year of a ‘licence’ (L3) CPGE

Whether a student is eligible, non-eligible or offered a place at a 'grande école', L3 registration is subject to prior approval from an academic committee.
In some cases, admittance to specific L3 course may be conditional on following certain L2 teaching modules and passing the corresponding examinations.


Applying for admission into L3:

The admission application takes place in two stages:

1. Via the website from 21 March 2010 to 31 May 2010 click here.

2. Before 7 June 2010, submit the form to the service de scolarité' of the relevant department, alongside all the documents listed when you have entered all your information electronically.

Applicants will be notified individually of the admission decision in July. The decision is only valid for the current year. It must be shown without fail upon administrative registration.


1) Obtaining a registration form:

When? as soon as acceptance is confirmed

How?  by downloading the form  (if necessary, please accept the security certificate and click "poursuivre avec ce site web").

Attention : downloading a form is not equivalent to a registration authorisation. Registration is only confirmed when the required documents have been shown.

2) The appointment:

You have an INE number and an email:
Your INE number is printed on your baccalaureate grades breakdown or your last student card.
As soon as you know whether or not you have been admitted, you must visit the university website again to find out the date and time you are required to register in person.

3) University registration:

Where? at the Université Paul Sabatier - Bâtiment administratif central - 118, route de Narbonne - Toulouse

When? at the date and time shown on your summons
                 from Monday 6 September to Friday 16 September 2010

Last updated October 24, 2011

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