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23 janv.

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The University

Université Paul Sabatier, a university going forward!

Since its creation in 1969, UPS has been expanding its offer of multidisciplinary education in the fields of science, health, engineering, technology and sports, developing one of the most important scientific research clusters in France.  Centred on Toulouse, European space and aeronautics capital, UPS is a renowned European university with a global outlook.


An exemplar state university

UPS is inclusive, humanist, collective and modern; it has always championed the highest values in serving society. Carrying out its missions, it works to ensure equal rights for all, and to open routes to development for all citizens. UPS places the human being at the centre of its concerns and affirms its role in contributing to the development of all. It implements teaching, scientific, cultural and organisational systems which aim to achieve fulfilment for all, students and staff. Fully integrated with the modern world and focused on the future of our society, UPS sees itself as an exemplar university, innovating both scientifically and academically, fully aware of its social and economic context. Its leading priorities are its students' professional future, developing and generating value from research, and its European and international profile.

A university committed to its missions


UPS is one of the leading French universities, in the quality of its teaching, the breadth of its scientific research and the number of students it attracts. With university courses aligning with European harmonisation of qualifications, professional training attuned to the world of employment and proactive teaching strategies (supervision and tutorial, internships, professional prospects...), UPS is constantly innovating, bringing realism and ambition to the education it provides. Whatever field is chosen: core sciences, life sciences and health, technology, sports or human and social sciences, all courses are available full or part-time. Courses with a professional focus, which are genuine passports to working life, are offered alongside more traditional courses which orient students towards positions in teaching and research. Above all, UPS is committed to the success of its students, who are given guidance in mapping out their future career and the best pattern of education to choose.


As one of the top research establishments in France, UPS is active in public research at the highest level, working with excellence clusters and creating numerous partnerships with major scientific bodies. Recognised across Europe and all over the world, UPS research laboratories function in a scientific research context that works both with the core disciplines, and transversal scientific applications, sharing the results of their work to increase productivity in core research and encourage knowledge transfer.

A university with a global outlook

The links UPS makes with the rest of the world take many forms, both in education and research: partnership with prestigious foreign universities, bilateral research and education agreements, bilingual teaching, developing European (Socrates, Léonardo) and international (Tassep, Crepuq, etc.) mobility programmes. A large number of foreign students come to study at Université Paul Sabatier.

To find out more see the International section

A centre of cultural exchanges, events and discovery


The development of cultural activities at UPS aims:

  • to make scientific culture accessible to the widest possible public,
  • to promote discussion on social topics,
  • to increase awareness of contemporary art and creativity,
  • to value our industrial and cultural heritage,
  • to organise encounters and exchanges between students, teacher-researchers, institutional partners, associations, and key figures from the worlds of science and art.

UPS encourages and supports its students' cultural projects and throughout the year organises events that are open to all: lectures, forums, live performances, theatrical competitions, film-showings, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and internships...

A multi-site university meeting its region's needs


Located in Toulouse (Rangueil, Purpan and Jules-Guesde campuses) and in the Midi-Pyrénées region in Albi, Auch, Castres and Tarbes, as well as at the Pic du Midi, and in Bagnères and Lannemezan, UPS offers diverse patterns of life, fully integrated into the regional context. UPS is the primary descendant of the Université de Toulouse, itself founded in the 13th Century, making Toulouse one of the oldest university towns in Europe, alongside Bologna, Oxford, Paris and Salamanca. Today this major regional capital is France's second largest university town, with 120,000 students. The city (800,000 inhabitants) incorporates a very active scientific and technological cluster and a dense, very animated urban centre. Toulouse is a city of the south, rich in science and technology, but also history culture,, sports and colour. An hour's flight from Paris, Toulouse is perfectly placed, at the foot of the Pyrenees, between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Reception at UPS


A range of services are available to assist and support students:

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