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23 janv.

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Vocational courses

At the University Paul Sabatier, half of the students follow a vocational course (including healthcare students), i.e. 13,000 students.


Professional training courses are generally designed to train students for specific professions. This goal is met through relevant teaching based on a close, ongoing partnership with the socio-economic sector.  The knowledge provided by fundamental traditional disciplines is developed with training on knowhow and skills in the socio-economic world.  Professional knowledge and an understanding of business culture are acquired through the inclusion of professionals among teaching staff and by immersing students in the world of work, mainly via work placements of a substantial length which often take place early on and are then repeated in the course. 
The result is greater student commitment to their study and career plans, which is manifest in higher levels of university success.
The network of relations between the university and the socio-economic sector also facilitates graduate employment.

At the Université Paul Sabatier, vocational courses are very diverse and are offered at different levels of university education: DUT, DEUST, Licence Professionnelle, Master Professionnel, Doctorat, Healthcare qualifications etc.

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