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21 janv.

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What is a licence pro'?

A licence professionnelle' is a qualification created in November 1999 at level II (bac+3). At the beginning of the 2005/2006 academic year, there were 1,200 licence professionnelle' courses created across all professional sectors. The licence professionnelle' meets all the requirements of the labour market, as well as the demand for new qualifications between technicien supérieur' (advanced technician) and ingénieur cadre supérieur' (advanced executive engineer) level

It enables students who so desire to rapidly acquire a professional qualification that suits clearly identified needs and professions. They are divided into 46 national denominations from the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. The licence professionnelle' takes one year (or two semesters) of study.

The course is open to students from diverse backgrounds and leads students from different study routes towards the same qualifications.

Those with a BTS or DUT may in this way obtain a higher level of qualification by extending their previous studies, and those with a DEUG may quickly obtain a qualification that will facilitate their entry into the labour market.

The 'licence professionnelle' course includes theoretical and practical teaching, learning about methods and tools, as well as periods of training in a professional environment, in particular during a 12-16 week work placement and via a project tutored either individually or in a group.

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