The SCUIO and MFCA (Mission à la Formation Continue et à l'Apprentissage - Ongoing Training and Apprenticeship Service) are partners within the University for the development of validation of learning through experience (VAE) as stipulated by
|the French law on social modernisation of 17 January 2002, Chapter II - Development of professional education - Section 1 - Validation of learning through experience - Article 133 and following

The SCUIO/E4 welcomes, informs and supports candidates through Validation of Learning through Experience at different stages of the process:

  • It is the VAE Advisory Point of Contact
  • It informs candidate about the VAE process and the training on offer at the UPS
  • Assessment advisors assist candidates with their preparation either face-to-face, online or remotely.
  • Assessment advisors prepare candidates after feasibility of the dissertation methodology and its sustainability has been considered.

The process

In phase 1

The aims of the support given are to offer candidates a professional and personal assessment and to help them choose a qualification. The process involves three individual meetings with a psychologist-advisor and documents to be put together and written by the candidate. This phase ends with a meeting with the tutor for the course the candidate has chosen. The tutor assesses the feasibility of the VAE in the light of the application presented by the candidate.

In phase 2

If the tutor's decision is favourable, the candidate is supervised by the tutor in writing their dissertation. They can also attend group workshops on oral and written communication at the SCUIO. At the end of the process the candidate stands before a panel which  has the power to award the qualification in part or in full.



- SCUIO VAE coordinator: Carole CARTIER - -  +33 (0) 5 61 55 61 57
- career support psychologist: Anne-Marie GOLONKA