If online classes take place, students should be reminded of the ban on copying all or part of content made available online, unless with permission from the author-teacher and acknowledgement of copyright.

How to continue teaching?


This document makes recommendations for adjusting teaching patterns in the exceptional situation of a temporary suspension of face-to-face classes.


Teaching with Moodle

UPS has chosen the Moodle teaching platform. Class rooms, training for teachers, and technical/teaching support are provided by the SUP (teaching centre).


Teaching resources for higher education

Digital Universities - Universités Numériques Thématiques (UNT)
  • UNT centralises, at the national level, digital teaching content generated by teachers from French establishments of higher education. The resources are intended as much for teachers as for students.
  • Online University - Université en ligne
This online university is a collection of scientific multimedia resources intended for undergraduate students and their teachers.
Canal-U is the higher education digital video-library. Teachers and students will find programmes with additional teaching materials which have been validated by the Scientific Councils of the Universités Numériques Thématiques.
IUTenligne is a digital campus intended for IUT students and teachers. It's a library of digital teaching resources (lectures, supervised and practical work (TD and TP), virtual self-evaluation exams, etc.) created by IUT teachers and researchers. Only those resources without an  icon are accessible without a Login and password.