Published on May 12, 2020 Updated on May 12, 2020
Will I be able to go to university ?

The universities across France will still be closed to all students. You won’t be allowed to return to university from the 11th of May. You will only be allowed to be on the Paul Sabatier Campus if you have an appointment with a doctor or social worker.

Will social activities organised by the university, its volunteer groups like ESN recommence ?

For the time being all social activities face to face have been cancelled. Nonetheless, you can continue to stay in touch with other friends, students and volunteers by logging onto the DISCORD app. 

Will I be able to go out without a permission note ? 

The time for permission notes will be over starting from the 11th of May. You’ll no longer need to have the note in paper form or on your smartphone to avoid getting a fine. From the 11th of May, you’ll be able to leave your home freely without needing the special authorisation whilst out in the streets of France. 

Will I be able to see my friends ?

Starting from the 11th of May you’ll be able to see your family and friends face to face, as you’ll now be allowed to meet up within the privacy of your own home. Please note though, that you cannot meet up with more than 10 people at a time whether you are indoors our outside. Equally when you meet up with other people, it will of course be compulsory to respect the health and safety guidelines (washing your hands, wearing a mask, respecting a 1m distance…). With this in mind, the French government is still asking for people over the age of 65 and who are the most vulnerable to continue to limit their contact with other people for sometime yet. 

Will I be able to go to the shops ?

Yes, you will indeed be able to go shopping as a majority of stores will once again be open to the public. This is applicable to all stores (clothing, shoes, homeware…) and outside markets. However, stores and customers will be asked to adhere to very strict guidelines. For instance, the French Prime Minister has already stated that stores will limit the amount of people inside a store at the same time. Stores will equally be allowed to stop a customer from entering their store if they are not wearing a mask. Please note that mayors could stop big shopping centres from opening on the 11th of May if the size of the centre exceeds 40 000 sqm, as this could lead to too many people being in a confined space at the same time.

Will I be able to go out to dinner, to a café or bar ? 

To go out to a bar, restaurant or café whether it is indoors or outside, you’ll have to be patient yet as they will not be reopening on the 11th of May. The decision on whether or not they can reopen won’t be made before the 2nd of June. 

Will I be able to go away for the weekend ? 

This all depends on what your understanding of weekend and going away means. Indeed, you’ll no longer need a permission note to go outside, however you won’t be able to go further than 100km from your home without a valid reason. This means that unless an urgent family matter or work obligation requires you to travel further than 100km you should not go any further for the time being. For instance, you the French government is asking you not to travel to other regions or French cities beyond your 100km perimeter. 

Will I be able to go the beach or to the park ? ​​​​​​​

The beaches across France will remain closed until at least the 1st of June at this stage. With regards to parks and public gardens, it will all depend on where you live in France. Parks and public gardens will only open again in the regions where it is safe to do so, meaning that within the region, the covid virus is no longer actively spreading from person to person. In order to know if you’re region is safe safe, on alert or in danger, please be sure to monitor the maps edited by the government each night based on the latest covid statistics. 

Will I be able to do sport ? ​​​​​​​

Yes, you will be able to do some sports but not all. Doing sport on your own outside will be possible following the 11th of May and you will no longer need to remain within 1km of your home. However, you will still need to make sure you follow all of the health and safety guidelines.

Will I be able to go to the pool or the gym ?

No, at this stage it will still be prohibited to go to the gym or the pool or to do sport in public indoor spaces. As such team sports are not authorised at this stage. 

Will I be able to do fun and cultural activities ?

You will be able to do some activities but not all. Small libraries, museums and galleries will once again be open to the general public whereas larger ones will remain closed for the time being. On the same note, cinemas and theaters will not be operational and festivals with more than 5000 people have been cancelled until at least September.

Will I be able to attend a place of worship ?

Places of worship will remain open it will however be asked that religious ceremonies not be organised before the 2nd of June. As such weddings are postponed until further notice. You will be allowed to attend funerals, however there can be no more than 20 people present. Cemeteries will reopen to the general public on the 11th of May. 

Will I be able to watch soccer on TV ? ​​​​​​​

Yes, you will be able to watch matches on TV, but not live ones. The 2019-2020 sports season has been postponed for the moment. 

Le 12 May 2020