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21 janv.

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Recent buildings U1, U2, U3, U4, the Le CAP venue, and UPSIDUM are accessible, as are the Registrar's office, DVE (Department of Student Life), SCUIO (Information-Orientation), the Grand Auditorium, the University Library, SIMPPS,

and the Rangueil 1 and 3 University restaurants.

The Disability Resources Department (Cellule Handicap) works on access routes as required, installing access ramps (mobile structures).

An ongoing programme of alterations is making older premises accessible: access ramps - lifts - accessible toilets.

Technical equipment and support

A self-service photocopier is available for free at the Disability Resources Department.

The Department can carry out work or invest in specialised equipment (chairs - tables - magnifiers - self-copying notepads - Braille paper - tape-recorders - laptops - radio-communication systems, etc.).

Three computer rooms, each with a specially adapted workstation, are available for visually impaired students (voice synthesiser - Braille keyboard and printer).

They are in the Science Library; technical assistance is available. Find out more.

Last updated April 4, 2012

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