Worried that your disability will hold you back in your studies? We have the answer!

The Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier supports students with disabilities

For specific arrangements for your studies and/or exams at the Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, please contact the Student Disability Centre (PHE), which will be happy to help you with all the necessary procedures.
As soon as you register, and throughout the academic year, the PHE will define and implement the necessary means to set up special arrangements for your studies and examinations and to make life at university much easier.

The PHE works in collaboration with other services and other structures, including the teaching and administrative specialists for students with disabilities, education services, the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, (SIMPPS and Atout pour tous), the Crous, Aspie Friendly, APIPESH...
If you are already a student at the Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, please contact the PHE team: phe.contact@univ-tlse3.fr
If you are a new/future student, or if you are enrolling for the first time, please send an e-mail to a PHE advisor or the PHE manager as soon as possible: phe.referent@univ-tlse3.fr

A few examples of our arrangements and services for students with disabilities:

Depending on your disability and specific needs, there are several types of compensatory measures that can be put in place: note-taking, French sign language interpreters, providing special course materials, occasional transport for people with reduced mobility on campus, etc.
In order to take examinations under conditions of equal opportunity, students with disabilities can benefit from special compensatory measures.

Circular n° 2011-220 of 27/12/2011 issued by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research provides a framework for these arrangements: extra time, borrowing computers, transcripts, examination secretariat, dedicated classrooms, etc.
  • Finding internships and professional integration with the APIPESH programme.
  • Access to digital reading resources for people with one or several motor, physical, sensory, cognitive or psychological disabilities that prevent them from reading “traditional” documents: the “Platon” system.
  • The university’s Sport Centre offers physical and/or sports activities adapted to students with disabilities

Other resources:

The etudiant.gouv.fr website provides information on grants, support, useful contacts, official texts, etc.

Accessibility of buildings

In order to raise awareness and inform all those who use the university campuses about the accessibility of buildings, the university provides information on their level of accessibility.

A comprehensive, reliable and simple overview of campus accessibility.

For each building, a series of eight pictograms, each representing different types of frailty or disabling situations, provide information on its accessibility. The symbol is displayed in one of three colours and is associated with a letter:
  • A - Green: the building is easily accessible;
  • B - Yellow: the building is partially accessible or accessible with assistance;
  • C - Red: the building is not accessible.
Example of the main administration building, parvis Paul Sabatier, Toulouse Rangueil campus:

These symbols are displayed at the building entrances (provided that they have been subject to an accessibility assessment).

Detailed assessments and photos of the building’s accessibility are also available on the PictoAccess website to give you a more accurate picture of the facilities.
Each page has a “Contribute” tab, which allows people to give their own opinion on the accessibility of the building.

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