Université Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier (UT3) does not provide specific French culture training.

Most courses are taught in French; before beginning studies at UT3, it is essential for you to have good knowledge of written and oral French.
You are strongly advised to assess your French language level several months before your departure.

The French Embassy in your country may provide you with addresses of educational organisations that offer French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses in your city or region (Alliances Françaises, French Cultural Centres etc.) You may take French courses and prepare for internationally-recognised French language certificates (TCF, DELF, DALF, TEF) at these organisations.

Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier offers French as a Foreign Language courses under certain conditions: please refer to the Modern Languages Department for more information.
You never learned French

French for Beginners classes on Mondays from 15h45 to 17h45 at the MRL, with Céline Dulac: registration with your educational administrator
(UE class code: KINR7LDU).

This classes are exclusively for complete beginners (A0).

You are from the ERASMUS program

Take the ELAO test, then go to your class according to your level.

Registration with the DREIC by email at rose-marie.duchesne@univ-tlse3.fr
You are an immigrant or a refugee

inquire with the DILAMI: DILAMI UT3 ; DILAMI Université de Toulouse

Students on exchange (Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus etc.) and dual degree programmes may take French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses during the school year.
Please contact the Erasmus+ office at the International Relations Department to register for different groups.