Do you need accommodation?

Start your search as soon as possible, from June onwards, and consider all your options, including public, private and shared accommodation.

You can also submit or view accommodation offers online at
  • rental offers submitted by private individuals (rooms, studios, small one-room apartments, large one-room apartments, and apartments that are well located for studying at the Toulouse Rangueil campus or on the Allées Jules Guesde). These offers are submitted by e-mail;
  • all the essential information, including the location, contact details, monthly rental costs, utility costs, means of transport, accessibility, etc.
  • submit or view accommodation offers online at

Please note: the fact that you have been accepted into the university does not mean that accommodation has been reserved for you.

You are eligible for Crous university accommodation if you have:
  • a French government scholarship;
  • a foreign government scholarship managed by the CNOUS or under agreements with the CNOUS, CIES, Egide, Agence Edufrance and are studying at the university as part of an exchange programme or official cooperation agreement.
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Eating on campus

Whether you are looking for a traditional meal on a tray or a fast food option to take away or eat in (pasta boxes, sandwiches, paninis, wraps, etc.), the university restaurants are conveniently located near your place of study or on the campus itself.

Crous catering is not just about resto'U’s, it also offers cafeterias, Crous Trucks, brasseries and Crous food tricycles. [Find out more]

A collective catering service is available for staff on all campuses.

Each day, the Crous cooks prepare complete, varied and well-balanced meals.
The restaurants offer lunch at the national student rate of €3.30, which applies throughout France.

The university's accomodation platform: Studapart

The accommodation platform allows you to:

  • find/propose rentals both in France and abroad;
  • find roommate(s) and organise flatshares both in France and abroad;
  • find/provide temporary accommodation in France and abroad.
New arrival?

Log in to the platform by clicking on “student login” and then on “sign up”.
You can create an account using your personal e-mail address and a password of your choice.
If you do not have an access code, please contact:


Log in to the platform by clicking on “student login” and then enter your login details.

If you are looking for a rental or a flatshare take a look at KLEY's accomodation offers
You can also visit the Toulbox website