The university’s Language Resource Centre (CRL) provides students and staff with the opportunity to improve their language skills by developing a guided autonomous learning programme and practising languages in an informal and friendly environment. The CRL’s offer is complementary to the language courses provided at the university.

The CRL provides users with:

Printed and digital resources

  • televisions to watch films in foreign languages (e.g. on Netflix);
  • computer stations with language learning software (Global Exam, Yabla, Streamglish, My Cow, Check Your Smile, etc.);
  • paper resources (textbooks to read in the centre, book collections, magazines and novels to borrow and read at home, etc.)

Human Resources

  • English-, Spanish- and French-speaking tutors (and occasionally German-speaking tutors) are available to provide individual support and to run foreign language workshops;
  • occasional language teachers for specific workshops; native speakers from other disciplines for lectures or round table discussions; an instructor from BU Science (working with a tutor) for workshops on plagiarism and fake news; students who are invited to share their talent, their research project or their experience abroad at lectures or round table discussions held in foreign languages.

At the CRL, language learning is also about foreign language activities:

  • individual practice;
  • group conversations;
  • writing;
  • games;
  • Escape Games;
  • Climate Fresk;
  • introduction to improv;
  • singing;
  • debates and discussions;
  • theme evenings;
  • workshops on specific objectives (writing a CV or a cover letter, preparing for an exchange programme, qualifications, reading and writing research articles, etc.);
  • lectures and round table discussions...
Most of the activities are held in person, but the CRL also provides a number of online activities, mainly via Zoom.

Available languages:

  • English;
  • Spanish;
  • French as a Foreign Language;
  • German (via digital resources only).
To find out more about the CRL and to receive the newsletter, please log on to the Moodle.
You can register for each activity via the RésaToul' registration platform.