Le Catalyseur is a unique place dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation. It is the third place and pre-incubator for projects on the Rangueil campus.
Le Catalyseur offers a range of services focused on three main areas: raising awareness, training and support for innovation, creativity and intra/entrepreneurship:


The first area is geared towards secondary school students, higher education students, PhD students, academic staff and recent graduates.

Le Catalyseur raises awareness by proposing a range of events throughout the year, such as “After Talk”, round table discussions and debates on entrepreneurship and innovation, “Start’Apéro”, networking evenings for entrepreneurs, Hackathons, as well as competitions such as the “Creative Makers Contest”, a major competition for creative and innovative projects developed in FabLabs...


The second area is intended for everyone.

Le Catalyseur proposes training activities based on subjects such as “how to innovate”, “how to control risks”, “how to estimate workloads” and “the different types of legal status”.
At the end of the entrepreneurship and innovation courses, each student receives a certificate listing the skills acquired in these two areas. 


The third area is also intended for everyone.

The aim is to guarantee the success of each project leader by providing them with a suitable environment and specific support services. This support, also known as the “pre-incubation programme”, is provided using a specific approach in order to:

  • guarantee that the project leader is supported in the best possible conditions so as to increase their chances of success;
  • provide them with the best possible support from academic experts and industrial business partners for a period of 3 years. By transferring their skills, these partners contribute to the innovation and economic development of the Occitanie region;
  • and once the project is secured, to hand over to our partners in the Occitanie Region, we provide them with incubators or local accelerators.

To this end, Le Catalyseur has four different spaces:

  • a co-working space;
  • a prototyping space - FabLab (CampusFab);
  • a showroom;
  • and a meeting space.

These spaces not only make it easier for project leaders to work together and with the available resources, but also speed up the development process, from the design phase right through to project completion.

The co-working space, located on the Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier campus, is open from 9 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Friday. Access to this space and to the services of Le Catalyseur are free of charge for all students working on a project.