Disciplines : Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanic of material and Structures

Publié le 18 octobre 2023 Mis à jour le 19 octobre 2023

The master 2 FRP++ is a one year formation.

The FRP++ is a highly specialised Master focusing on structural analysis and design using composite materials. The FRP++ EMJM central objective is to prepare a new generation engineers and/or scientists to access highly skilled jobs in the market of structural composites applicable to several industries with solid background and in an integrative and multidisciplinary context, with concerns about developing sustainable solutions. Furthermore, students may consider engaging in a further degree of studies towards (PhD) research on the structural composites proficiency level.

The FRP++ Master will provide students with advanced knowledge and skills to work and develop a professional career positions in the analysis, the design, and the manufacturing of key industrial sectors, particularly in the construction and infrastructure industries, aerospace and aeronautics, automotive, wind energy, defence, maritime, sports among others, since structural composites are key technological and economic components to address current and future challenges in those industries.

The FRP++ will exploit the common denominators that exists in all of these sectors for addressing structural composites, which are increasingly critical. Therefore, the Master addresses the following key areas in structural composites that are not being conveniently addressed in the general curricula of classic Bachelor and Master programs:

  • Materials and manufacturing processes;
  • Mechanics and modelling;
  • Analysis and design;
  • Inspection and diagnosis, repair and strengthening;
  • Sustainability and life cycle analysis.

Institutions partenaires :
-University of Minho, PORTUGAL
-University of Girona, SPAIN
-University of Naples, ITALY
-INSA Toulouse, FRANCE
-University Paul Sabatier, FRANCE